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Family Care Centre

FCC is JB’s first retirement village and wellness space focusing on community, environment and sustainable living. A place for our residents to live, recover and socialise around a beautiful home and garden.

Nature Loving Home Environment

We believe in caring for our loved ones in a familiar home environment.  We believe that caregiving is multi-faceted and extends beyond just medical care.  We believe that community support,  our environment, and lifestyle helps build a holistic and complete model of care. 
Our retirement and wellness village believes in nature's beauty.  We work with our environment to rethink and redesign caring for our loved ones.  We encourage sustainable and healthy living as part of aging gracefully.​

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Care Farming

Sustainable and Ethical farming practices not only provide us with healthy food but also a therapeutic way of healing.

Our farming spaces feed and heal us. 

Our Care Beliefs

Our residents are family and we provide the best form of care we know.  

We provide personalised care and are always learning new caregiving approaches.

Our dedicated professional partners ensure appropriate medical and rehabilitative care is delivered.

Our Environment

Lush open garden, beautiful gazebo, and roaming farm animals.  

Our sustainable environment plays a vital role in healthy living and ensures the wellness of our community.  

Our Team

Care professionals dedicated to caregiving with compassion, love and respect

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Chris Tan | FCC Business Development & Operations Manager 

Chris is determined to change the caregiving landscape in Malaysia.  Her past experience includes improving operational management and business processes for care homes and retirement centres.  She enjoys creating new innovative initiatives towards caregiving.

FCCJB Strategic Partners

Our Services

Stay-in Home Care

Stay-in home care provides full-board accommodation for our residents.  We require continued engagement with family members and encourage visitation.  Our grounds are big enough for family members to spend the day here.

Day Care Facilities

Daycare facilities provide an option for residents to stay at our home during the day with meals provided.  They can engage, interact and socialise with our community, and also receive basic medical care and attention.

Rehabilitation Therapy and Social Activities

We work closely with our healthcare partners to provide basic physiotherapy and activities for our residents in need of physical rehabilitation.  It helps that we have a beautiful and spacious garden to conduct various activities.

Check our Therapy@FCC page for more information.

Wellness Rooms for accompanying family members

Bed and Breakfast anyone?  Want a change of environment and spend the weekend with your family? We provide rooms and meals for family members who enjoy a short stay to mingle and rest, while enjoying organic and healthy food at the same time.

Operating Hours

Reach out to us for a conversation : enquiry.fcc@gmail.com
Operating Hours

Mon - Fri: 11am - 5pm
Sat & Sun: 11am - 2pm

We care for the privacy of our residents.  Visiting hours are strictly by appointment only

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