We are recognised as one of the best nursing home for Singaporeans! Woohoo.

Thank you for the kind words Singapore.

"FCC Family Care Centre is one of the best and most sought after nursing homes for Singaporeans. They provide a natural and spacious environment for their clients to feel more secure and close to nature, while also making sure to meet their essentials in everyday living.

Their amazing team of caregivers is committed to developing personalised care that fits any needs of the seniors and any of your loved ones. They have partnered up with professionals to ensure that appropriate medical and rehabilitative care is on standby if ever it is needed. Physiotherapy is also a major aspect of the establishment, as they know how important it is for their residents to incorporate a healthy body in their healing cycle.

With all that, we can say that they truly are a well-rounded facility that has top notch services to offer to everybody. At FCC Family Care Centre, they look after your loved ones in the most caring ways. So if you’re ever in need of their assistance, they can promise to give you the best care and attention that you deserve."

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