The Caregiving Journey - what it means to be a caregiver.

Caregiving seems to be an often forgotten or misunderstood vocation and/or occupation. We think of caregivers as medical nurses, family support psychologist or therapist, administrator/helper etc. Otherwise, we think of caregivers as family members that are supposed to stay at home and be responsible for the care of their sick or elderly family member.

At #FCCJB, we have experienced first-hand what it means to provide care to our residents. We highlight what we stand by and what we look for in our caregivers in our #caregiversalliance program.

  • Compassionate medical personnel

Our #FCCJB Caregivers need to at least have basic medical knowledge to identify and provide the appropriate medical triage when needed. They also need to understand that caring for someone is not just about meeting their medical needs but also their social and emotional needs.

  • Friend / Companion

Our Caregivers are friends and companions to our residents. We chat about life, experiences and family. We understand that listening is as important as speaking and sometimes the most effective care and healing is to provide an emphatic listening ear.

  • Family Supporter

We realise our FCCJB residents and their stories, moods and well-being are closely tied to their family members. We understand family members form an essential part of our #FCCJB community. Our Caregivers are often engaged in conversations and support for multiple family members on the treatment and living options for our residents. This caregiving journey may also be new for the family and we are here to support.

  • Caregiving Ambassadors

Caregivers need continuous support from their peers. Caregiving is an emotionally and physically draining vocation. We believe our shared passion for caregiving is best experienced as a team. #Caregiversalliance by #fccjb was set up with this in mind - to provide the learning, care and support community for our caregivers.

This picture below, taken at #fccjb, demonstrates all of the above. The embrace represents the compassion, the companionship, the support and the community that makes caregiving a purposeful, meaningful vocation and career for anyone.

Reach out to #FCCJB #caregiversalliance if you are interested to join our community.

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