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FCC Helpful Tips for caring for your loved ones with dementia during Chinese New Year gathering

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

During festive season like Chinese New Year, family members enjoy gathering together for celebration. And it is in times like this that we put in the extra effort to provide companionship to family members. Make sure that we make time for our Ah Gong and Ah Ma with dementia. It is indeed a challenge, and we do best our best to embrace it. Here we have some handy tips for you during this CNY with family members suffering from dementia.

FCC Handy Tips for Dementia Caregiving during CNY

1. Play familiar music

2. Show family photo albums

3. Always respond with a "yes" and be very patient.

4. Stick to a routine and structure.
5. Celebrate earlier so they have time to rest.
6. Smaller group of people is better. A large crowd can be very overwhelming.
7. Get them involved in the CNY preparation
8. Avoid arguing and having to ensure you get your point across. The conversing matters more than the content in this case.
9. Give them a hug, a warm gentle hand shake or touch when talking with them.
10. Enjoy, laugh and smile.

Thank you & we wish you a happy CNY. =)

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