Your Questions Answered

Making informed decisions for your loved ones

What should I consider when choosing a home for my loved ones?

A good home should:

  • Be safe, comfortable, and clean.

  • Encourage the residents to keep the skills he or she has.

  • Help with activities that the elder residents can no longer do by him or herself.

  • Keep track & monitor health condition.

  • Allow for personal choices as much as possible.

  • Make sure he or she gets the care and diet needed.

  • Help the residents adjust to their new home.

What is the main reason to choose Family Care Centre JB?

Here at FCCJB, we provide a natural and spacious environment, allowing residents to rest and relax close to nature.  FCCJB also provide various social and physical activities to keep our residents active, social and engaged.

FCC also arrange appropriate medical services for our residents.  This includes pharmacy, physiotherapy, dementia support and various other medical services.

What do we do if we have concerns?

Our primary concern is that your family member feels comfortable at FCCJB, and that their living needs are met. You should feel secure and at ease with our caregiving team, specifically those providing direct care. If you have any concerns or praise for our caregivers, please feel free to contact our FCC Home Manager directly, to address any apprehensions you may have regarding any particular issues.

Whom do I talk to about questions regarding financials, billing, and/or admission paperwork?

FCCJB Home Manager is in charge of all financial and billing concerns. Should you have any related questions, please make an appointment to see our Home Manager. FCC Home Manager will guide you through the necessary forms required on admission and review the rules and regulations of our Home.

What happens when my family’s stay at Family Care Centre Johor Bahru is over? What options do we have?

FCC's goal is to rehabilitate your family member back to an optimal healthy level. For some residents, this means going home and resuming daily activities, while others may need a change of previous living arrangements in order to accommodate their needs.

Prior to discharge, please make sure to think about the environment resident will be returning to. Can your loved ones care for himself/herself independently? How many steps does residents have to climb? Is there adaptive equipment to aid in bathing? Who will be providing groceries service and cooking for a balanced diet? How will you secure doctor’ appointment or obtain pharmacist’ attention on medication for your loved one?

FCC MobileHomeCare team may be able to help. Reach out to us.

How do I find out more about the activities provided for residents?

FCC Home managers will be on hand to assist you on your visit at our home. FCCJB strive to create social programs and individualized activities to match the capabilities and needs of each resident. We believe physiotherapy is essential in the healing process of our elderly residents, a concept of a healthy body, healthy mind. Specific activities include: musical performances, current affairs and news update, reading the newspaper, singing exercises, fitness activities, stretching exercises, communal games, and volunteer involvement. FCCJB also strongly encourage families to participate with the residents in various activities.

How often will a physician or health professional visit FCCJB?

Physicians generally see residents upon admission and once every 30 days thereafter. However, FCC carers are in constant contact with physicians that visit FCC. Furthermore, we also provide (optional) rehabilitation program designed for residents.

Who do I talk to about food preferences? Are there alternate options to each day’s menu?

FCC believe in healthy diet healthy life. Upon admission our FCC Home Manager will interview your loved one regarding special needs and food preferences. Our food is prepared on-site and some of our ingredients are from our garden. Special care is taken to serve flavorful and appetizing foods. All menus are developed according to prescribed medical diets ordered by the physician. FCCJB Home Manager also monitor nutritional status using monthly weights and daily intake records.

What articles of clothing should we bring?

FCC recommend approximately five changes of clothing and a pair of comfortable rubber-soled shoes. All articles should be washed, clearly labelled with resident’s name in permanent ink and entered into the residents’ personal inventory log in the medical chart. Other personal items should be marked or engraved for identification. We advise that FCCJB residents do not keep valuable jewelry or large amounts of cash in the home.

Visiting hours

FCC have designated visiting hours to ensure residents are not disturbed during their rest period. If your visits are in the late evenings, please make an appointment in advance. For the best care consideration of our residents, kindly refer to our FCCJB residents’ handbook upon admission to understand full details of our visiting policy.

Can I take my loved one home for a visit?

Definitely, however, certain residents may have a leave of absence only with a physician’s authorization, which can be arranged through FCCJB Home Manager. Upon arrival and departure, the resident or responsible party must sign the LOA (leave of absence) book, located at the Reception station.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can visit at one time?

Although we do not have a formal policy stating visitation guidelines, we suggest using the common areas of the facility to meet with your loved one. If it is not possible to visit in one of the common areas, we suggest a limit of one to three people in a resident room at one time.

Can children visit?

We encourage children to visit, however, we seek your cooperation to inform FCCJB Home Manager if anyone under the age 12 is visiting.

Can we hold family functions/events?

Yes, uniquely at our HOME, Family Care Centre, we encourage family activities, you may reserve the common space for any special events (birthday, holiday, meal) with FCC Home Manager.

Will resident have internet access?

Yes.  However, we do impose restrictions on residents using their own internet providers on a case by case basis.  Our garden is beautiful.  They should spend more time outdoors. 

Will my loved one have telephone access?

Yes, it is permitted for residents, your loved one to keep their personal mobile phone for you to stay in touch.

Is smoking permitted in the HOME?

No. For the safety and welfare of all residents and caregivers, FCCJB is a non-smoking facility. There are designated smoking areas in the outdoor areas for visitors.  

Where should I park when I come to visit?

There is ample parking at FCC. Please observe marked parking signs. Avoid parking in spaces specifically reserved for the handicapped, employees and physicians.

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